qe data ltd
Independant Technical Contractors
Internet Specialists and Digital Media Consultants

(including multimedia, video and photographic services)

Creating websites and web applications since 1994
Running, maintaining and designing websites commercially since 1997

Down to earth friendly technical services and software development from our office in East Yorkshire. Software expertise in the following areas:

  • Apache (web server) running under FreeBSD and other variants of UNIX
  • PHP, Perl and C based application programming
  • Java, Javascript, JQuery and AJAX programming
  • MySQL database systems
  • RAD Windows Small Application Programming
  • Data processing services (cleaning up data, reformatting etc.)

  • Also available: services in web design and hosting provision via our hosting partners. Specialist in high visibility, high traffic websites that need to work efficiently and optionally require custom applications and back end databases. Server solutions start at around £50/month depending on configuration required, guarantee 99.9% uptime, BGP routing via redundant multiple internet connections, can be geo-located in the UK, US and/or Asia and will scale from applications like small businesses with large audiences all the way up to multi-national large companies with millions of customers. Distributed cloud services for efficient content and multimedia delivery are also available at cost.

    A range of multimedia services can be provided including:

  • Graphic design with Photoshop
  • Video web encoding and editing using Adobe Premier and a suite of other tools
  • Photographic and video production - in our fully equipped studio
  • Audio editing / production including transfer from legacy formats
    (e.g. vinyl, cassette tape, 1/4" reel to reel, Fostex 1/4" 8 track and others)

  • Please feel free to get in contact via email at qedata@qedata.co.uk for more details and availability if you have a project in mind. In general rates start at £40 an hour but the actual rate is dependant on the type and quantity of work. Fixed fees can also be negotiated for certain types of project.

    Payment by Mastercard/Visa and Paypal directly (and of course cash/cheque from UK based clients).

    VACANCIES: We currently have no vacancies.

    QE Data Ltd., Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, UK.

    Email: qedata@qedata.co.uk

    NOTE: we do not include a telephone number here as we were suffering from constant sales calls ignoring the telephone preference service (which we registered with). Spam control is more effective with email. However, if you wish to request a call back via email I will be happy to speak with you on the phone if needed.

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